Writing for publication. Academic Writing Workshopthe panacea of successful academic writing.

Learn the nuts-and-bolts of writing a research article. From writing to publication – interactive, dynamic, and practical workshop.
Academic research is a dynamic process, which can produce knowledge, theories and also practical solutions.Improve the present knowledge on scientific writing.

The workshop is a key platform for:
publish internationally,
collaborate in global scientific communities,
participate in academic conversations that go beyond geopolitical borders.

Learning objectives:
Principles and processes of scientific writing;
Prewriting strategies;
Skills to acquire;
Literature review and methodology;
Finding opportunities to publish;
Data collection;
Sharing ideas;
Finding a mentor;
Methods and results;
Positioning your paper;
The culture of the workplace;
Turning research into impact;
Demystifying the article publishing process;
Triple your productivity and reduce your rejections;
Drafting, revising, and editing;
Research methods used for peer-reviewed articles;
Effective proofreading and editing for publication;
The peer review process;
Making your research article publishable;
Become independent writer.

 Advocates of workshop pedagogy:

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A syllabus is available upon request. For more details about the workshop and the eligibility requirements, please email us.